Our Process

Demystifying the Process

Demystifying The Process

WCA takes the complexities associated with wealth and plays it back to families in a format that is easy to understand. We provide a new sense of clarity that is essential to future planning… we refer to this as “demystifying the process.”

Our goal with each family is to present their entire financial world back to them, in less than 10 displays. In an industry full of jargon and legalese, “smart” advisors often leave clients behind. At WCA, we work alongside our families.

Listening Not Talking

Listening, Not Talking

No one ever learned anything by talking. It’s our priority to listen beyond the obvious and ask technicolor questions that prompt introspection beyond the surface.

For example, we have learned that children who all grew up in the same household, often come away with significantly different perceptions of their experiences.

This is human nature, and listening beyond hearing allows us to help families navigate that landscape.


Legacy Is Greater Than Currency

One’s legacy encompasses more than just passing along assets to future generations. Every decision a family makes has wide ranging implications that often affect family or future generations.

Some of these implications are obvious and some are not. We explore all the possible ramifications with our clients and their other trusted advisors to assure the family’s intent is reflected in every part of the planning process.

Stewardship for Families

What Does Stewardship Mean To Your Family?

To most, it is a critically important concept as you contemplate passing on family values and assets to future generations. The exploration of what stewardship means to your family is something we excel at!

Not Equal

All Fiduciaries Are Not Created Equal

If you know how someone is paid and who is paying them, you can determine their motivation. It’s as simple as that.

The Beach House Index

There are many indices we focus on at WCA, but one stands out as more important than the rest. It’s called the Beach House Index. It is personal to each of our families, and can be explained this way:

Envision you and your spouse are 90 years old, sitting on the deck of your beach house, and looking back at your life. One of you starts the following conversation, “Honey, we have been very fortunate because of ____.” Now, fill in the blank.

The answer is usually never related to investments or deals, but always emphasizes family, relationships and life experiences.

Beach Chair

Values Are More Coveted Than Wealth Alone

Financial decisions made without sensitivity to who they affect, and life decisions made without sensitivity to how much they cost, are inherently flawed. We help stimulate conversations around the intersection of our client’s values, and how their decisions affect future generations.

Many of our clients are aware that with their success comes a unique burden. Whether positive or negative, the decisions they make directly impact future generations and organizations they support. We explore and create Waypoints so there is intention when discussing not only the transition of wealth, but the meaning behind it.

work life balance

Guiding Your Family’s Journey

We have often found that a family’s success, no matter how they measure it, is a journey and not a destination. Our role in that journey is helping to create priorities, financial and non-financial, which are called Waypoints. We provide guidance on the big things while maintaining focus on the little things that often mean the most, and are often overlooked.

Top hospitals around the country have Executive Physical Programs. They’re for everyone, not just executives. You spend three days seeing every specialist under the sun, and at the end of three days, a unique thing occurs. You sit in a room with a Coordinating Physician, who not only has access to each individual doctor’s report, but also has spoken with each specialist about you. Who do you think will provide the best advice? The Podiatrist you met on day one, or the Coordinating Physician you met on day three? Think of us as that Coordinating Physician.

Coordinating Advice of Experts