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What You Might Not Know But Should

Our size is our advantage! Waypoint Capital Advisors was founded in 2015, strategically established by identifying unique challenges in the multi-family office space that weren’t being met.

  • Transparency in Fees
  • Family Communication
  • Trusted Advisor Coordination

Since starting WCA from scratch, we have assembled a coordinated team with decades of experience to effectively support the multi-generational complexities wealth brings. No matter if you consider us large or small, we harness competency, cost efficiency, and due diligence when coming alongside families of all sizes.

Waypoint Capital Advisors, LLC

Our Team

Jon Kennedy

Jon Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner

Hometown: Springfield, VA / Watertown, SD
Favorite Hobby: Playing the drums
Passionate About: Doing great things for families, including my own.
Family Life: Married since 2007 to my wife, Nikki. We have two young children (boy and girl) and a Boston Terrier.
Experience: CFP® designation and Masters of Science in Financial Services, 10+ years refining expertise in charitable planning.

What are you happiest doing?
Spending time with my wife and kids. Having the privilege to shape our kids’ lives is a huge responsibility and also a great joy. There is nothing better than living vicariously through them as they navigate the excitement and challenges of everyday life.

Nancy Hughes

Nancy Hughes, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner

Hometown: Apple Valley, MN
Favorite Hobby: Practicing yoga
Passionate About: Helping clients organize their financial lives.
Family Life: Two teenage daughters and Penny, the labradoodle.
Experience: CFP® and CAP® designations – Over 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry.

What are you happiest doing?
In my spare time I love spending time with my family up north at the cabin – anything outdoors in any season of the year. I love my chosen career helping clients answer financial questions and creating efficiency in their financial lives.

Mark Pletts

Mark Pletts, Co-Chairman & Managing Partner

Hometown: Brunswick, ME
Favorite Hobby: Seeing life come at me each day
Passionate About: My family knows it’s them, and my friends know I would be there if they were in a jam.
Family Life: Wife, Sarah Pletts. Two adult sons, Gentry and Steele.
Experience: I have worked in financial services since the early ‘80s, including several large Wall Street money managers.

How would your family & friends describe you?
I would like to think that both groups think of me the same way. My family might say intense and loving, and my friends might say straight to the point and caring. Some where in there I exist!

David Baratta

David Baratta, Co-Chairman

Hometown: Brunswick, ME
Favorite Hobby: Golf
Passionate About: Helping others who are in need.
Family Life: Two adult children, Emily and George.
Experience: 30+ years in financial services, portfolio management, published writer, guest appearances on CNN and CNBC.

How would your family & friends describe you?
David is a loving, generous, and understanding person. He is there when others aren’t. He is someone who gives when no one is looking.

Colin Watkins

Colin Watkins, Director of Planning

Hometown: Northfield, MN
Favorite Hobby: Cycling
Passionate About: New experiences, meeting new people and trying new things
Family Life: My wife, Hillary, and I have been married since 2012 and have lived in Minneapolis since 2013. No kids at this point, but we do have two dogs that we treat like children. I have two brothers — older and younger — who are both in the military currently, and until recently were living abroad.
Experience: History in the financial planning industry, both working directly with high net worth clients, and building systems to improve the efficiency and consistency of the planning experience.

What’s your personal motto, or words to live by, and why?
My brothers, my father, and I all have matching tattoos of our family crest and motto — “Pen aur-y-chalon wir” — which translates from Welsh to, “A golden mind and a true heart.” My grandfather embodied this motto in the way he treated everyone he met, and I strive to live up to his legacy.

Madeline Longo

Madeline Longo, Senior Associate, Client Advisor

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Favorite Hobby: Cooking
Passionate About: Traveling
Family Life: I live with my significant other, Alex, and our puppy named Margot in St. Louis Park.
Experience: CFP® certified with a background in Finance and Wealth Management. 3+ years of experience in the financial planning industry.

What’s your personal motto, or words to live by, and why?
I try to live by the Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. Be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, and always do your best. I find myself going back to this book when I need a reminder to stay present.

Brandon Agneberg, CFP

Brandon Agneberg, Senior Associate, Client Advisor

Hometown: Minnetonka, MN
Favorite Hobby: Skiing and Golf
Passionate About: Spending time with family and friends.
Family Life: My wife, Hannah, and I live in Medina with our two-year-old son Cooper and our Irish Doodle Arlo.
Experience: CFP® designation – Over 10 years’ experience in the financial services industry working for well-known investment firms in Minneapolis and Chicago.

How do you want people to remember you?
I want to be remembered for having made a truly positive impact on the lives of others. For being a positive role model, a great father, and husband.

Evan Kennedy

Evan Kennedy, Associate Portfolio Manager

Hometown: Minnetrista, MN
Favorite Hobby: Working out
Passionate About: My faith, self-improvement and growth in relationships. I hope to use the things brought to me through my passions to make myself a better man every day.
Family Life: I have a very deep and connected relationship with my immediate family. My relationship with my parents is extremely important to me, as they have been my biggest supporters in life. I also love to spend time with extended family whenever I can. Finally, I have an energetic and always loving dog (Chewy), scared and comforting cat (Gypsy) and wonderful girlfriend (Tiana) who bring joy and excitement to my daily life!
Experience: Graduated from the University of St. Thomas in May of 2021, this is my second year in Finance and first year at Waypoint Capital.

What’s your personal motto, or words to live by, and why?
“Do something today that your future self will thank you for tomorrow.” – I hope to live by these words daily so when I look back on my life, I can be thankful that my younger self had the discipline and drive to work hard enough so my future self could live without regret or question of my choices.

Sydney Shearer

Sydney Shearer, Director of Client Service

Hometown: Reading, MI
Favorite Hobby: Trying new restaurants, craft breweries, and playing sports.
Passionate About: Traveling
Family Life: My husband, Brandon, and I are raising our daughter, Sutton, in Fort Wayne, IN.
Experience: 7+ years of experience in the financial planning industry. I specialize in client service and marketing. I have been a part of the Waypoint team since 2017.

How do you want people to remember you?
I would love people to remember me as someone who simply took the time to care for others. I believe time is the most valuable gift we have, and genuinely giving that to others to know they’re loved and cared about is extremely important to me.

Ben Sjodin

Benjamin Sjodin, Client Service Associate

Hometown: Anoka, MN
Favorite Hobby: Golf
Passionate About: Developing, nurturing, and deepening the relationships in my life – this is a key driver in my pursuit of happiness.
Family Life: I am the oldest of three siblings; my mother is a first-grade teacher, father is a warehouse supervisor, my sister works for a small chiropractic business, and the youngest sibling, my brother, just got back from serving overseas in Iraq.
Experience: BFA® certification with 5+ years of experience in the financial planning industry, both working in the field and corporate office structures.

How do you want people to remember you?
I hope to one day be known for how I treated people, the decisions I made along the way, and for the positive impact I made on those around me. I have great mentors in my life, and I strive to live up to their expectations, ideals and “pay it forward” to the younger generations.

Mary Mortensen

Mary Mortensen, Client Service Associate

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Favorite Hobby: Cooking
Passionate About: My family
Family Life: Husband, Chris, Adult Children, Laura (Adam), Lindsay (Andrew) & Michael, Grandchildren, Mara, Kit, Sam, Reid, and new grandbaby arriving 12/22.
Experience: Over 35 years in the administrative field. I joined Waypoint Capital in the spring of 2021.

What are you happiest doing?
I am the happiest when I am spending time with my family and friends, traveling and being active.

History Of Waypoint

To most, the image of the map above is just that. A map of no significance. To David and Mark, two of our founders, it symbolizes their roots. It is a map of where they grew up in Casco Bay on the coast of Maine. A place where Waypoint plotting to navigate is required, even on a day with perfect weather.

So, if you were curious, that’s how we created our name.

We likened our history of Waypoint plotting to that of a family’s journey through life. It’s not a destination, but a series of Waypoints that takes you from one experience to the next.

compass on map