The Multi-Family Office… Evolved

We’re redefining the family office experience to solve the unique challenges affluent families face.

Our Unique Approach

The Evolution Of Financial Advice

Waypoint Capital Advisors (WCA) challenges the status-quo of the traditional family office by demystifying the confusion surrounding fees, planning, and trusted advisor coordination.

What's The Difference?

We Believe All Fees Should Be Transparent.
Wait, What?!

Fees should be black and white. What we’re paid and how we’re compensated is never hidden. For larger clients with more complexity, a flat fee not tied to assets under management (AUM) may be the answer. We believe flat fees are the future of the industry.

Ask your advisor if they can calculate a flat fee for your relationship. If they can’t, run! Just kidding, but really — you should ask.

We Don’t Know Where The Markets Are Going.
We Do Have An Answer.

Nobel Laureates in Finance have indicated they can’t predict the direction of the world capital markets. This may be news to you, but we can’t either. We focus on the things we can control. We construct portfolios that work in good and bad markets, that clients understand, and are cost effective to implement.

we do life

We Do Life With Our Clients

Helping affluent families think through their wealth in a different way is at the core of everything we do. No family dynamic is the same size or shape and we’re respectful of those distinctions – financial and non-financial. We help our families execute their life plans, not just their financial plans.

Who We Are